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NBA Trying to Save 82-Game Season?

Don’t want to jinx it, but there has been some steady progress this week in NBA labor negotiations. So much so that the New York Daily News is reporting that both sides are saying there’s a possibility an entire 82-game NBA season could be played. Even if a deal was reached this week, games still wouldn’t start until late November, so there’d likely be some back-to-back games, but still, that would be welcome after the threat of no season.

For more read the NY Daily News article here.

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Report: NBA Plans to Cancel Two More Weeks of Season

The New York Daily News is reporting that sometime today, the NBA will announce it is cancelling another two weeks of the NBA season. It has already canceled the first two weeks.

At this point, there seems no reason to be optimistic that the season will be played at all…

Read today’s news here.

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SI.com: Why This Lockout Is Different — Fans May Not Come Back

Over at SI.com, columnist Ian Thomsen has a great column up about how this lockout may not be like other lockouts. Even though owners and players assume fans will come back, Thomsen writes that this time, fans may see themselves as the “Occupiers” of the Occupy Wall Street movement and cast off the NBA.

Thomsen writes:

Here is what has to be worrying the NBA. The owners and players ought to be frightened that fans will come to view this ongoing lockout as a symbol of something bigger. What if it strikes the larger public nerve, so that the NBA’s $4 billion shutdown is turned into a high-profile example of something deeper and much more important than a game?

Several commentators have drawn parallels between the bailouts that the NBA and Wall Street have asked for — most notably, SportsFans.org board member Dave Zirin– so the time seems ripe for a Occupy the NBA movement. What say you, sports fans? Anybody up for camping on the steps of league offices?

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NBA Talks Collapse; More Games Likely to be Cancelled

Three days of intense negotiations between NBA owners and players ended with a bang last night, with a lawyer for the NBA players claiming the NBA “hijacked” the meeting. “We were shocked,” attorney Jeffrey Kessler said. “We went in there trying to negotiate and they came in and they said you either accept 50-50 or we’re done and we won’t discuss anything else.”

It now appears as though Commissioner David Stern’s comments that his “gut” told him there wouldn’t be games on Christmas Day will be true. The league has already canceled the first two weeks of the season and will almost certainly follow up with more cancellations following the latest set back…

Here’s some analysis:

ESPN’s J.A. Adande: Should’ve seen this one coming

SBNation.com’s Tom Ziller: NBA Lockout Talks Go Up In Flames, And Owners Are Holding The Matchbox

CBSSports.com’s Ken Berger: After latest NBA impasse, good luck finding someone who cares

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Day 3 of NBA Lockout Mediation — They’re Still Talking!

NBA lockout mediation is scheduled to resume at 2 pm ET today in New York. This is reportedly the first time NBA owners and players have had three straight days of meetings in the last two years. So there’s that!

Here are a couple reports on Day 2 and what’s still unresolved:

Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA owners, players closer on revenue split

CBSSports.com’s Ken Berger: NBA talks reach messy point where even Cohen needs a drink

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City of Memphis Considering Suing NBA if Lockout Persists

According to MyFox Memphis, early estimates indicate Memphis taxpayers could have to pay $18 million in bond payments if the entire NBA season is cancelled. Last night, the Memphis city council approved a resolution that would ask City Council Attorney Allan Wade to explore all options, including a lawsuit against the NBA.

“Should this lockout stay until December, then there’s a very big bill there that the city of Memphis will be responsible for,” said Councilwoman Janis Fullilove. “And whether or not we file a lawsuit, which may set precedent among other cities in this nation, is something we’ll have to wait and see. But it’s only being proactive that’s he’s offering this resolution.”

From the MyFox article: Would any legal action against the NBA be a hasty move for the city? Ticket sales and sales tax on items sold at games generate up to $3.5 million annually for the city to apply to bond payments. According to Bill McGaughey, who oversees the bond funds for the FedExForum, there is currently a surplus built up that can pay bonds through the year 2028. He would not comment on how the city council derived their potential $18 million cost to taxpayers if the season is cancelled altogether.

So, at this point, who knows whether a lawsuit would have any merit. But at least the city of Memphis is sending a signal to the NBA — fans and taxpayers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for a lost season.

(h/t Deadspin)

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Has Any Progress Been Made in NBA Lockout Mediation Sessions?

Yesterday, NBA owners and players met for 16 hours with mediator George Cohen in New York. The bad news is that there was no resolution. The good news is that they’re still talking, though, and started another meeting this morning.

Is any progress being made? There are mixed reports. According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, “progress was indeed made.” However, that progress may have been very minimal, according to Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, who said his league source said the two sides are “still not anywhere near a deal.” Worse, a source told Yahoo, “Hard to see where this is going.”

Still, we’re holding our fingers crossed…

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#NBAFanVoice: NBA Fans Speaking Out Against Lockout

Something wonderful is happening over at SBNation.com, our favorite sports blogging network (and fellow Dupont Circle neighbors). NBA fans and members of SB Nation from around the country are speaking up and speaking out against the NBA lockout. You can see all the links so far here and follow on twitter by using the hashtag #NBAFanVoice.

There was no such platform for fans to protest the last NBA lockout in 1998-99. But today, thanks to the Internets, Twitter and networks like SB Nation, fans and bloggers around the country can speak out — and the best ideas can be passed around and retweeted over and over. The ESPN/NBA/NFL complex may be powerful and it may be vast, but at least it is no longer the only voice on important issues like the lockouts.

So take a second and see what fellow fans are saying about the lockout. These are passionate, educated fans who care about the game and what it means to local communities and businesses. Remember that we, as fans and taxpayers, have kicked in nearly as much (if not more) as NBA owners into NBA stadiums — $2.9 billion public financing v. $3.2 billion private financing. This NBA lockout won’t merely affect our ability to enjoy professional basketball, it will have a devastating impact on some local workers and businesses.

Tomorrow, if the lockout is still going on, it’s time to move past analysis of the situation and step up our game. If all of the bloggers and fans concerned about how the NBA is treating its fans were to map out a game plan, we could make sure owners and players settled this thing. Both sides are counting on us to remain unorganized and apathetic. Let’s not make it that simple for them. Think about how we can make enough noise and draw enough attention to how wrong this lockout is that we force a compromise.

Next week, Sports Fans Coalition will be hosting a conference call for any fan interested in fighting back. We will discuss possible actions and map out a strategy to reclaim the NBA for fans. Stay tuned for details…

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Can a One-Day Mediation Session End the NBA Lockout?

Today in New York, NBA owners and players will meet with George Cohen, the director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS). Cohen spent nearly two weeks with NFL owners and players trying to prevent an NFL lockout last spring before talks fell apart and the NFL lockout occurred. But Cohen does have a great deal of experience with sports labor disputes and did successfully broker a deal between Major League Soccer owners and players just before the season began.

In this case, however, Cohen is being asked to help two sides reach an agreement in one day even though they’ve been unsuccessful in two years. (NBA Commissioner David Stern has refused to consider postponing or skipping NBA Board of Governors meetings scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.)

So it will be up to Cohen to emphasize to both sides how much they have to lose. Here’s a good article on Cohen on what’s at stake: ESPN.com: “What lies ahead in NBA lockout.” (Note the SportsFans.org and SaveNextSeason.com signs behind Cohen.)

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The David Stern Interview

If you are an NBA fan and haven’t watched David Stern’s sitdown with David Aldridge, it’s a must-see. Count how many times you want to yell at Stern.

Watch it here.

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