Who We Are

Who we are:

Sports Fans Coalition is a national nonprofit fighting to give sports fans a voice on public policy issues. We were established in 2009 and are based in Washington, D.C. Our board of directors is bipartisan and includes White House senior staffers from both parties, as well as a popular sportswriter and a prominent consumer advocate. SFC knows both how the business of sport is run, as well as how the business of government gets done. We now have over 5,000 members nationwide and are growing quickly.

What we do:

Sports Fans Coalition fights to make sure that fans have access to games both on television and in the stadium. Because fans have spent billions and billions of dollars financing sports stadiums, they deserve to see their local teams play. So we fight against all media blackouts and for affordable seating in public stadiums. In addition, we fight for a college playoff because of the corruption that exists in the BCS bowl system and the way it leads public universities into debt because of the inequities in revenue distribution. Finally, we are fighting against looming work stoppages in both the NFL and the NBA. Fans have spent billions on stadiums – the least owners and players can do is play ball.

Primary concerns:

  • Public subsidies – Much of our work is predicated on the fact that fans and taxpayers have been pressured into spending billions of dollars on stadiums in order to keep their favorite teams in town.  Fans and taxpayers also have granted –through their elected officials—myriad waivers and exemptions from federal, state, and local laws to the benefit of sports leagues. Yet, across the board, economists agree subsidized stadiums provide little, if any, return on investment to the communities. If fans and taxpayers are asked to finance stadiums for private owners, they should get something in return, such as affordable seating and no media blackouts.
  • Media blackouts – Given the investment fans have made on stadiums, they deserve to see their local games on television. This means ending the blackout rule requiring the stadium to be sold out, which often punishes fans who can’t afford tickets but have had to pay taxes on the stadium. SFC also opposes retransmission disputes between media companies that lead to blackouts or lack of competition. Corporations should settle their disputes behind closed doors and make the games as accessible as possible to the fans.
  • College football playoff – Unfortunately, the NCAA outsources the postseason of its most popular sport to corrupt bowl committees and the BCS. Not only is the method of determining the champion inequitable, the way the revenues from the postseason are distributed are inequitable, leading many public universities into debt. A college football playoff would be fairer to the fans and the taxpaying public.
  • NFL, NBA Lockouts – Both the NFL and the NBA have potential work stoppages on the horizon. Sports bring communities together and stopping the games because of differences between owners and players in how to divide up profits threatens the good will between the public and the teams. Further, because taxpayers have spent billions financing stadiums, if the leagues can’t figure out a way to play ball, some of that money should go back into the community.

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