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Fans Being Heard! FCC Asks for Public Comments on Sports Blackout Rule!

The FCC this morning announced that it will open up a period of public comment on the petition filed by Sports Fans Coalition and other public interest groups regarding the sports blackout rule. More details forthcoming, but this is welcome news for fans everywhere!

Here’s the FCC’s action this morning and here is the petition filed by SFC, Public Knowledge, National Consumer League, Media Access Project and League of Fans.

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  1. Scott Weiss says:

    Bravo to the FCC! NFL fans publicly finance stadiums, pay a king’s ransom for season tickets,seat license fees and merchandise, and the greedy NFL still has had the nerve to blackout games. Cudos to Sports Fans Coalition for fighting the good fight on behalf of sports fans.

  2. Mary says:

    Finally! I’ve been writing to my congressman and senators about this issue, for ages, with no luck. The blackout policy was amended in the mid 70′s with congresses approval. It’s not the 70′s anymore. I believe the greedy NFL forgot that they sell the NFL ticket and online viewing of games. I bought the NFL ticket one year because I am disabled and can’t go to a real game, and sure enough, the games were blacked out anyways. ANY venue getting our taxpayer dollars should never be held to a private policy. I don’t know of any other sports league that has such a policy. Thank God someone is finally listening! Where do I sign?

  3. Henry Rutledge says:

    It is unbelievable that the nfl should use public money to build the stadiums and tax incentives to maintain the stadium (and the profits of the owners) and then blackout a game because the stadium was not filled. In this day and age have they not heard that people (not them) are hurting for money to just support their families and can’t afford to pay over $100.00 to see a game.

  4. Edie Whitney says:

    Blackouts are not fair. The seats in the stands my not be sold out but look at the rating on TV when it’s not blacked out! NFL fans follow their teams any way they can. We pay for the stadiums through our taxes and we should be allowed to watch our teams on TV.

  5. wayne northern says:

    do away with nfl blackouts…it’s not our fault the bucs won’t bring talent to the program worth spending money to see. every ones to greedy for a buck and the little people like me are the ones to suffer.

  6. The blackout rule should be repealed for publicly funded stadiums. Tax pay dollars are used to fund the stadium so they already get our money. If you look at the numbers in attendance you can obviously see that the rules does not get people in seats. If anything, it is out of site, out of mind. And during blackouts, its free money for them.

  7. Elaine Sanders says:

    Congratulations FCC! It is well past time that something was done to put a stop to the NFL and it’s dictorial ways to the communities that give tax dollars to support their teams. Even if we can’t afford to attend the games we still buy the merchandise. These franchises aren’t hurting for funds but the tax paying public is. “Let’s see do I buy food this week or tickets to the game?”

  8. Fran Hern says:

    As a season past holder I, at this moment, can afford to pay for season tickets. I do have many friends that cannot. But do support the team, however if they can watch them on TV they soon will find something else to do and evently forget about them. I think that the games should be view on TV especiall at this economic stress, and the stadium was build by the Tampa bay area.

  9. Jay says:

    I sure hope the FCC shuts down the NFL blackouts! I agree with the other poster that the NFL is just greedy!

  10. Scott King says:

    Until the Buc’s start winning some games, I dont care to go to Ray Jay, nor watch them on T.V. However, if they get public funds, you have to let the public view the game, no matter how bad they are.Its about time someone stood up to these people….Way to go SFC!!!!

  11. Don says:

    In light of the economy and the thousands of unemployed football fans, I don’t understand how the NFL could still want to pursue this avenue. Many of us are true-to-heart fans of our respective teams but, we are unable to afford the costly ticket prices without taking away from the needs of our families. We are still fans. We still buy NFL merchandise if it’s within our capabilities. We still support our teams! Wake up NFL.

  12. Bill says:

    This is greaqt news that someone is starting to listen after the damage has been done. I use t go to a local resturant in New Port Richey, the place would be packed, fun for all. The ban has hurt business in our area. If these stadiums are funded with our taxes, HOW can the NFL say no to us.

  13. Larry Cutting says:

    I still think people are missing the point. We voted for the one cent sales tax for this stadium. I want the blackouts stopped as bad as anyone. My point is we don’t need the government to dictate how businesses are run.The NFL is entertainment, not a necessity, and we as fans should be showing these owners that life will continue on without them, if that is thier wish. People want to take the easy way out and let the FCC handle this. I say stop supporting the NFL for a couple of years, they will see where thier money really comes from,get these ticket prices back in-line, and football will be back on tv.

  14. Randall Wood says:

    I think its about time they do away with the blackout rule, it was good for the 70′s when it was started. Today, teams are complaining that lifting the blackout will hurt ticket sales, I say not true!!! Being a (buccaneers) fan, it is true I can’t afford to go to every game, but watching it on TV will increase the fan base and fans will buy tickets. Its great to watch a game on TV, but being there is so much better. It’s like they don’t think, the more people can watch the game, the more they will talk about it, the more they talk, the more they will be a fan. Fans equal sales of ticket, clothes and collectables to name a few. Try lifting it for 5 years and see what happens!

  15. Cate and Larry says:

    Way to go FCC! Not fair blocking Bucs when home. A good many of use cannot get out to see the games in person, but some of our taxes helped pay for stadium. (Taxation w/o representation again!) As years go on more and more senior citizens and disabled vets are unable to go in person to see the games. Please stop this blockout nonsense.

  16. Susan says:

    Please do away with the blackouts!!! I love football but can not afford to go to games. Please!!!!!!!!

  17. Terrie Sullivan says:

    I think the Black Outs hurt the team, owners and fans. No one wins at all. This practice should be stopped to promote fan interest and sales of sports items, local resturants will gain and I really think even ticket sales would go up.

  18. Lisa Kelley says:

    Blackouts are bad for the moral of the local fans. Let’s face it the NFL teams make their money on TV rights and advertising. The stadium income pales in comparison. Not everyone has the $35 per seat(cheapest)nor the additional dollars for food, parking, and gas that goes along with the event. I also have an 82 year old dad that I can’t get out to the games as he can’t walk the distance nor would he ever get in a wheel chair. But, he is an avid fan. Florida has a older population that can’t make it to the stadiums so in effect the NFL is discriminating against them. After all these stadiums are built with public money! Just my two sense… GO BUCS!!!

  19. Ray says:

    This has been going for way to long. We tax payers Pay for stadiums then when times get hard we get black out. The owners make all this money on the stadium that we help build but then black us out. When baseball not doing well the lower ticket prices but still we can watch on T.V. I think its time to take this off. We as consumers should be able to watch the game on a stadium we pay for. If you want more tickets sales, lower ticket sales. You are losing fans this. I have not watch or care to watch due to this. What happens if we don’t sale out the super bowl. Will they blackout that. No if they do they will lose their fans. I say no buy tickets to the super bowl and see if the black it out.

  20. Judy S says:

    NFL needs to think about their fans who can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to take a family to a game. ALso, how about the senior citizens who aren’t able to attend the games in person, but still are ardent fans. Seems to me the whole thing is centered around the RICH get RICHER. ALso the stadium doesn’t belong to the NFL.

  21. Dean says:

    People need to understand that when you blackout games, people become less likely to attend games and even buy merchandise. Greed+Stupidity=Bad Business

  22. Bob Adair says:

    I am retired and on a fixed income. I can not afford the price of tickets to go see the game. Why should my tax money be used to finance and maintain a stadium when I can not see the games, not even on TV. Unfair, I think so !!

  23. Debbie Kilichowski says:

    For what we pay in club seats and ridiculous lease agreements, not only should they not black out the game, but they should deliver a pizza to my house while I’m watching it!!!

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