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TCU Wins One for Fans of a College Football Playoff

TCU Wins One for Fans of a College Football Playoff

by Scott Weiss

Proponents of a College Football playoff were the big winners today, with TCU knocking off Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Forget about the fact that this was a great college football game; TCU’s victory will undoubtedly put pressure on the arbitrary way that a College Football National Champion is selected. After witnessing TCU finish off an undefeated season, with their 21-19 thriller over Wisconsin, it is impossible to accept the premise that they are not as deserving of the National Championship as either Oregon or Auburn.

Anyone that will actually buy into the January 10th matchup between Oregon and Auburn as being a National Championship Game, is drinking the kool-aid that the BCS is trying to serve us. This is not to disrespect either Oregon or Auburn, who have both had fabulous seasons. This is about the desperate need for the NCAA to finally do the right thing and have their champion crowned by climbing a playoff ladder.

It is amazing that we still need to make this argument. Name a sport with a less fair way to crown a champion. It can’t be done. The BCS system is a dinosaur that deserves to find its place in a college football museum.

Admittedly, I am not a fan of either TCU or Wisconsin. However, I was a sports fan today treated to an incredible football game, and a fan of a college football playoff, whose hope was unquestionably raised.

Scott Weiss is the Local Chapter Chair for SFC-New York/New Jersey and an SFC Sportwriter Fellow. He has been involved in the sports fans advocacy movement since 2000. He is a life long fan of the Mets, Jets, Knicks, and Rangers.

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