December 13, 2010   |1 Comment

QUICK KICK: Jerry Jones Weighs in on Lockout

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones makes an appearance on 60 Minutes describing the labor wars in the National Football League from the owners’ trench. We are 80 days away from the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement, and there is little hope of football starting on time next season. The NFLPA prepares their players telling them to save their money while the owners wave the flag of an 18-game season to fix the financial disparity between what they want and what they expect to make each year.

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  1. keever says:

    i am a big cowboys fan and now u mean to tell me i wont be able to wacth my fav team play on holidays and any other time u know what i think u people make to much money and as far as jerry jones goes he needs to go back to the food store or what ever he was doing cause that is BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!! and football should stay on air U OVER PAY SCUM to take football off the air i hope u lose and it stays on/.

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