February 25, 2010   |10 Comments

Where Are My Blazers Games?

Sports Fans Coalition has launched the Local Chapter SFC-Portland in order to organize and mobilize those frustrated Trail Blazers fans who continue to be shut out from being able to watch their home team play home games on TV unless they pay Comcast’s ransom. Furthermore, many sports fans in Oregon do not have Comcast in their area, and therefore, can not watch their team play.

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  1. Leon Speroff says:

    Please pursue this!!

  2. P Sterling says:

    I am in favor

  3. Camille Casero says:

    I cannot get Comcast in my location.

  4. John Taylor says:

    Everyone should be able to enjoy the Portland Trail Blazers


    Go Blazers

  6. joesph sacamano says:

    the present situation is an abuse of corporate power against the public.

  7. Burton Caves says:

    Keep up the good work. We would like to enjoy the Trailblazers.

  8. Nik says:

    I switched to direct tv not knowing they do not have csnnw i am very irritated that i cannot watch any games!!! RIP CITY

  9. David G says:

    We want our blazer games!

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